San Antonio Ranks 5th in Installed Solar Capacity Among US Cities

Feb 10, 2019

San Antonio has further climbed the ranks of major U.S. cities that are leading the way for solar power installation in the United States.

Environment America, a nonprofit national network of 29 state environmental groups, on Wednesday released its annual analysis of installed solar electricity capacity in major U.S. cities and San Antonio ranked fifth and was named a “Solar Star” for its initiatives that have increased solar availability for its residents.

The No. 5 ranking, which is for 2019, is the highest San Antonio has achieved since the surveys began in 2013. In the past few years, the city has hovered around sixth and seventh. It is the only Texas city to rank among the top 10 cities nationwide thanks to an increase of nearly 67.6 megawatts of solar capacity installed within city limits on residential and commercial rooftops and solar farms in the past year. That number marks a 36 percent increase over 2018 while U.S. capacity grew 23 percent.

“We saw San Antonio really doubling down [on solar] last year,” said Luke Metzger, director of Environment Texas, the Austin-based branch of Environment America, the nonprofit that performed the analysis.