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Investing in solar is certainly a step in the right direction towards savings, home value, and reducing your carbon footprint, but protecting that investment may be the most important step of all. With thousands of systems repaired and maintained, TXSOL takes pride in the ability to correct any solar related issue you may be facing, and we stand by that. Contact TXSOL today to discuss how we can help get your solar investment back on track, and keep it there.

Benefits of Solar Repair & Maintenance


Detailed data and photo reports with each service visit.


Troubleshooting, diagnosis, and resolution by the most experienced and qualified solar pros around.


Always respect for your time and property.


Up to 3 hours on site, dedicated to resolving and attending to your solar needs.

Repair & Maintenance Service Types


Large trees near your home are a good indicator of potential squirrel activity.  With a need to sharpen teeth and an attraction to the wire casing, animals will nest beneath solar panels and chew through solar wiring on the roof. This can lead to shorting of circuits and complete system outages, which can take all or part of your system offline.


In most cases, if your inverter is presenting an error or is not operating normally, the issue can be corrected with the help of our qualified technicians. If the equipment is determined to be faulty beyond repair, our technician will initiate and manage the warranty replacement process to have a new unit shipped from the manufacturer.


If your existing inverter is determined to be faulty, and covered under manufacturer warranty, TXSOL will manage the warranty replacement process and replace your inverter upon receipt of the replacement unit.


Usually noted through online system monitoring, if your display shows any of your panels blacked out or reading “0W”, this is a good indication that you may have a faulty microinverter or optimizer, which would normally result in a manufacturer warranty replacement. We don’t recommend hopping on the roof and replacing these units yourself, so contact TXSOL to take care of the dirty work for you.


If you are currently monitoring your site through a web portal interface, and your system is no longer showing any data, this may simply be due to a connection issue with your system monitoring components. TXSOL will troubleshoot, diagnose, and repair the root cause of the issue to get your system communicating again.


Irregularly high bills or low production data is a common sign that your system may require professional care and diagnosis. TXSOL will provide a thorough and detailed inspection of your system to determine the root cause of under-performance and provide any support necessary to recover your expected production output.


Without system monitoring, daily production detail and flagged system errors will go unnoticed and unattended, taking money straight from your pocket all said and done. Contact TXSOL today to learn about compatible monitoring solutions for your system, and never lose sight of your solar investment again.


In the even that any of your solar panels are damaged or faulty, TXSOL will work to determine if the issue is eligible for replacement under warranty and manage that replacement process to have a new panel(s) shipped from the manufacturer to be replaced. Without eligibility, TXSOL will provide compatible panel replacement purchase options.


Solar panel cleaning can be very beneficial in some cases. Systems located in dusty regions or below overhanging trees can collect heavy soil over time and have a significant effect on your system production. TXSOL will clean your panels and keep them soaking up those rays.


Ready to get started?

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I know my solar panels are working?

The easiest way to confirm your solar system is working, is to observe the inverter display screen. A value presented as watts (W) would represent your system’s current power production. If the production value is not accessible, either via the inverter display, or online monitoring, fill out our contact form below to have a qualified technician assess your system.

2. My system is showing zero or lower production than normal, what should I do?

If your system is showing zero or low production, this would generally indicate a communication or electrical issue. Power cycling your inverter may correct this status, but if lack of production is still observed, we recommend scheduling an appointment with one of our qualified technicians to further troubleshoot and repair your system.

3. My system is displaying an error or fault code, what should I do?

Leave your system running, and note the fault code present on the inverter display or monitoring interface. Once you have a photo or note of the fault code, power cycling your system may clear the fault in some cases. If the issue persists, contact our team to schedule a service appointment with one of our qualified service technicians.

4. My home has been hit with hail, what should I do?

If your roof or solar panels have experienced hail damage, TXSol has the team of experts to guide you through the entire claim and repair process.

  • Complete our contact form as soon as possible to provide general details about your home / solar system, and to connect with one of our project managers.
  • Contact your insurance agency to start the claim process and schedule an insurance adjuster to assess the damage. 
  • If you do not already have a preferred roofing contractor, we will present you with vetted and reliable contractor partners in your area. 
  • We will work with your selected roofing contractor to provide an accurate estimate, to be submitted to your insurance agency for approval. 
  • Once all work has been approved, we will work directly with you and your roofing contractor to coordinate each phase of the project.

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