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A typical roof can last anywhere from 20-30 years, depending on local weather trends and materials used, but mother nature can cut that life expectancy short with a single storm. If you have a solar system that needs to be temporarily or permanently removed, TXSOL has the most experienced and knowledgeable pros to get the job done.

We will remove and reinstall your solar system, with the dedication and overall goal to leaving your system in better condition than we found it.

What you can expect in partnering with TXSol for your solar panel removal and installation project.



After each phase of your solar panel removal and reinstallation project, all parties involved will receive detailed reports, complete with data and photos for reference.



Upon request, TXSOL will provide an accurate solar panel removal and reinstallation estimate within 24 hours, based on the number of solar panels on your roof.



TXSOL works directly with you, and your roofing contractor, to coordinate the project schedule and limit the amount of time your system is offline and not working to save you money.



There is no better time to diagnose and locate any existing deficiencies, than prior to your solar panel removal. The day of your scheduled removal, our team will perform a complete system health inspection to ensure that any existing issues can be identified and addressed, prior to reinstalling your solar system.



Solar panels, rail, hardware, and any salvageable components are stored on site, at the homeowner’s discretion. *Solar component transport and storage available upon request for additional fee.


For any solar components where integrity is compromised upon removal, TXSOL will procure new replacement components for system reinstallation.


Once rooftop components are removed, all roof penetrations are sealed for 100% watertight integrity.



Some roofing contractors require a certain period to allow for the new roof to settle, so TXSOL will work with you and your roofing contractor to schedule a date that works for all parties.


TXSOL will reinstall your panels to the original design and specifications, making any necessary electrical corrections as necessary, to ensure your system remains code compliant and your solar warranty is maintained.



Our team will complete a thorough inspection of your system after reinstallation, to ensure proper function and performance, and no discrepancies are present upon completion.


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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I know my solar panels are working?

The easiest way to confirm your solar system is working, is to observe the inverter display screen. A value presented as watts (W) would represent your system’s current power production. If the production value is not accessible, either via the inverter display, or online monitoring, fill out our contact form below to have a qualified technician assess your system.

2. My system is showing zero or lower production than normal, what should I do?

If your system is showing zero or low production, this would generally indicate a communication or electrical issue. Power cycling your inverter may correct this status, but if lack of production is still observed, we recommend scheduling an appointment with one of our qualified technicians to further troubleshoot and repair your system.

3. My system is displaying an error or fault code, what should I do?

Leave your system running, and note the fault code present on the inverter display or monitoring interface. Once you have a photo or note of the fault code, power cycling your system may clear the fault in some cases. If the issue persists, contact our team to schedule a service appointment with one of our qualified service technicians.

4. My home has been hit with hail, what should I do?

If your roof or solar panels have experienced hail damage, TXSol has the team of experts to guide you through the entire claim and repair process.

  • Complete our contact form as soon as possible to provide general details about your home / solar system, and to connect with one of our project managers.
  • Contact your insurance agency to start the claim process and schedule an insurance adjuster to assess the damage. 
  • If you do not already have a preferred roofing contractor, we will present you with vetted and reliable contractor partners in your area. 
  • We will work with your selected roofing contractor to provide an accurate estimate, to be submitted to your insurance agency for approval. 
  • Once all work has been approved, we will work directly with you and your roofing contractor to coordinate each phase of the project.

Need a Consultant?

Still have questions? Not sure where to start? Contact us and a representative will get back with you ASAP for a free, no hassle, solar power consultation.